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Cafeteria, Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC

There is no shortage of restaurants in New York City (NYC).  But finding a really great restaurant requires a little more research.  Thankfully, I am a food and travel blogger, so I get to do a lot of research!  The latest success story of such research is Cafeteria in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, NYC….

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Morandi, West Village, NYC

Choosing a good place to eat in New York City (NYC) can be a daunting task for any tourist, but thankfully, we had a New Yorker’s recommendation for Morandi, West Village, NYC.  After a quick cab ride, we crowded into this trendy Italian restaurant.  Like so many NYC restaurants, Morandi is a small, neighborhood eatery….

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Hondo’s On Main

On a recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX, we ran across Hondo’s on Main.  Hondo’s is named in honor of John Russel (Hondo) Crouch.  He was a writer, humorist, and self proclaimed mayor of nearby Luckenbach, TX.  He helped celebrate the phrase, “Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach”. You stand in line to order your food and…

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Welcome to the Travel and Table blog! This blog is the realization of a long time dream and much encouragement from friends and family. Together, we will explore travel and table tips and information that is relative to everyday people. Let’s face it, not all of us will go skiing in the Swiss Alps, dine at a five star restaurant weekly or create their own recipe for chocolate soufflé! I am a firm believer in finding adventure with every trip and in every meal, whether local or abroad. Every experience adds value to our lives in some way. It’s up to us to determine that value.